Active Tag Solution


NFC System

  • Multimedia advertising / information provision such as digital signage
    Fusion of active NFC Tag technology to media

    The world’s first interactive multimedia information providing system technology offering personalized information

  • MWC exhibition information delivery solution

    At the Mobile World Congress(MWC), the largest mobile exhibition in the world, we provided visitors with the opportunity to use the NFC PAD to navigate their location, conference information while providing user feedbacks to the organizer

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  • Daum Digital View

    Within the subway station of 1, 2, 3, and 4, NFC PAD was installed to provide information of surrounding areas and advertisement to customers.

  • Bus shelter solution in Seoul city

    Installation of NFC PAD on the road sided bus shelter located in Seoul, which was hosted by KT and provided information regarding transportation, surrounding area and advertisement to one’s mobile phones.

Passive Tag Solution

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Passive Tag Solution


Smart Media

  • Megabox

    In conjunction with Passive Tag system, we have operated a solution to provide advertisement information on theater screens directly to customers with detailed information regarding events, and prize through NFC Tag