NFC Digital Signage


NFC-Enabled Interactive Digital Signage System

  • AQ Corporation’s patented Active Tag (TM) technology can be integrated with any multimedia platform imaginable!

    AQ Corporation is the world’s first to introduce ‘Interactive NFC-Enabled Digital Signage System’ by integrating the Active Tag and Touch Screen Display.

Active Tag (NFC Enabled Interactive Digital Signage)
*US Patents – 8965785; 9477972; 9129310; 9671995; 9678704; 9785397 | US Patent Application –  15/617289 | China Patent – ZL201280060191.X | China Patent Application – 201180064081.6 | Japan Patent – 5841614 | India Patent Application – 65/MUMNP/2014 | Korea Patents – 101264304; 101050158; 101180707; 101054051
  • Mobile World Congress (MWC)

    AQ Corporation supplied its Active Tag integrated ‘Interactive NFC-Enabled Digital Signage System’ at the MWC, which provided exhibition, conference, meeting, sponsor and other information for the attendees.

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  • Daum Digital View

    Daum Digital View signage in Korean subway line 1,2,3,4 integrated AQ Corporation’s Active Tag, providing interactive experience and information such as nearby information, mobile apps and advertisements.

  • Seoul Bus Shelters

    KT hosted interactive digital signage service at bus shelters in Seoul, which is incorporated with AQ’s Active Tag, that provided surrounding area information, public transportation information and advertisements which can be transferred to user’s mobile device.

Passive Tag Solution

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Passive Tag Solution


Smart Media

  • Megabox Movie Theater

    Mobile users can instantly be directed to currently displaying content related website by tagging the mobile phone to AQ’s NFC tag.