Security Authentication solution

AQ Corporation
AQ Corporation continues to focus on researching and developing new security solutions. Currently AQ Corporation is providing key technical solutions for music streaming service.

Own Multiple Mobile Security Related Patents

Provide AQ’s NFC card technology for music streaming service
Applied AQ’s patented technology for the service
Secured revenue from loyalty and supply
  • Partnership – Chung Ha Yeon Co., Ltd

    – Unlimited music streaming service
    – 5 million + songs
    – Competitive subscription fee
  • Similar service providers

Security(etiquette) solution

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Security(etiquette) solution

AQ Corporation
New Solution
  • Technology that control mobile device functions by NFC
    * Mobile Etiquette Service and Mobile Authentication & Access Control

       – Enable/disable multiple mobile device functions by single NFC tagging
    – Mobile device function control technology is embedded in NFC terminal
    – World’s first to demonstrate the patented technology
Access Control & Mobile Function Control
*US Patents – 8254835; 8761665; 8929815; 9172786; 9307352; 9351104; 10063994 | US Patent Application – 14/944095 | China Patent – ZL201110115264.8 | China Patent Application – 201280036575.8 | India Patent Application – 1370/MUMNP/2013 | Korea Patents – 10112144