Security Authentication solution

AQ Corporation
Since foundation, we have accumulated a number of patents through ongoing research and development in the security sector and provided key security technologies for new mobile music services.

In possession of numerous security patents

World’s first NFC card based
sound source service
Application of various patents which AQ corporation possess
Continuous sales increase through patent royalties and card supply
  • Business partnership – Chung Ha Yeon Co., Ltd

    – Unlimited mobile streaming service
    – 5 million lossless sound sources
    – Low cost compared to other services
  • Similar service(competitors)

Security(etiquette) solution

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Security(etiquette) solution

AQ Corporation
New Solution
New Solution
  • Local NFC terminal control system based on cellphone control solution facilitating NFC technology

    – Mobile etiquette service
    – Mobile security access service
    – The world’s first source technology
    – patent-based solution
    – Automatic phone function control through
    – tagging or reading
    – Control technology embedded in NFC terminal