O2O Solution – ANNIVER


Smart Media

Smart Media
  • Anniver is an integrated premium service that incorporates digital information display, interactive digital kiosk and mobile app

    UHD Smart Display + Anniver App
    Integration of 84″ UHD Smart Display and Anniver App creates unique O2O service experience.

  • Anniver Integrated Service

    AQ Corporation offers unique experience at special events such as weddings and private parties through AQ’s NFC integrated digital signage solution with Anniver App

  • Anniver is different from any other ordinary digital signage that you’ve experienced!
CMS(Contents management system) :
“A digital signage content management system is a computer application that allows for the customization, scheduling, monitoring, and deployment of content across a network of digital displays.”
  • ANNIVER is an innovative platform providing O2O (Online To Offline) service for weddings.

    – Integration of OFFLINE UHD display and ONLINE social media application. SNS integration

    – Private photo sharing service that is differentiated from any other social media platform.

    – Provide O2O digital tool to cherish every moment of your wedding and keep them forever that you can always look back to

  • Integrated information delivery solution

    Customized Digital Information Solution
    AQ Corporation will look to expand usage of Anniver to golf clubs, public buildings and much more!