O2O Solution – ANNIVER


Smart Media

Smart Media
  • Link between Smart media and mobile application

    Integrated O2O service with 84″ UHD smart media and mobile/Smart application


    WE provide innovative service through NFC based digital signage operation experience

  • The Service “ANNIVER” can be differentiated
    from the other ordinary digital signages
CMS(Contents management system) :
A system for transmitting content to an information providing terminal and managing and operating the system
  • ANNIVER is an innovative platform for smart wedding O2O(Online to Offline) Service

    – OFFLINE UHD play and ONLINE mobile
    SNS integration

    – Differentiated invite friend, contents sharing service
    from Instagram and facebook

    – New marketing sentiment tool of providing
    information not advertisement

  • Integrated information delivery solution

    The O2O oriented service “ANNIVER” will expand to government offices and country clubs(golf club) in order to become an integrated information providing solution