RF based NFC antenna is inserted to support NFC function on mobile device. In addition to NFC function, WPC and MST functions are currently being developed as single module.

•WPC(Wireless Power consortium)  •MST(Magnetic secure transmission)
NFC Antenna
NFC antenna is part of internal component of mobile device, which is utilized to wirelessly transfer data.
AQ Corporation manufactures, develops and inspects variety of NFC antennas to satisfy technical performance of upcoming mobile devices.

Patch Type
Wide Use Size, 0.15T
High Performance
Hybrid Type
Wide Use Size, 0.15T
AIM Type
Wide Use Size, 0.15T
Space Saving
Chip Type
  • Model
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S Series
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Note Series
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A, J Series
  • LG Optimus G Series
  • Pantech VEGA Sereis
WPC Antenna & Module
We are planning to develop an antenna for WPC and a module for mobile phone charger, which are used for wireless charging of mobile phone batteries.
Normal Type
ide Use Size, 0.2T ~ 0.26t
Insert Type
Wide Use Size, 0.2T ~ 0.26t
Pocket Type
Wide Use Size, 0.2T ~ 0.26t
  • Features
  • Advance Shielding Materials
  • High Efficiency / Ultra Thin
  • NFC / MST Combo
  • Model
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S Series
  • LG Optimus G Pro Series
  • WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) :
    An international organization that is working toward the global standardization of wireless charging technology

MST Antenna

In addition to NFC antenna, core technology of AQ corporation, AQ is currently developing combined antenna consisting NFC+MST.

WPC RX Antenna
Wide Use Size, 0.32T
WPC RX + Module
Wide Use Size, 0.32T
Out Put 5.0V 1.1A
  • Features
  • Enhanced material shielding
  • Normal Type
    • Moderate Cost and performance
  • Insert Type
    • Full metal applicable, low cost, moderate performance
  • Pocket Type
    • Full metal applicable, high cost, high performance
  • Model
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy 2016~2017 A
  • Application
  • Handset – Rear Cover Case
  • Handset – Back Cover Case