In order to support NFC function of mobile phone, RF based NFC antenna is inserted. In addition to NFC function, WPC and MST functions are currently being developed as one module.

•WPC(Wireless Power consortium): 무선충전 •MST(Magnetic secure transmission): 삼성페이
NFC Antenna
The NFC antenna is attached to the battery inside the cell phone or cover and it transmits NFC data wirelessly. We are currently developing, manufacturing, and verifying(inspecting) the following NFC antennas.

Patch Type
Wide Use Size, 0.15T
High Performance
Hybrid Type
Wide Use Size, 0.15T
AIM Type
Wide Use Size, 0.15T
Space Saving
Chip Type
Space Saving
  • User & Model
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S Series
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Note Series
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A, J Series
  • LG Optimus G Series
  • Pantech VEGA Sereis
WPC Antenna & Module
We are planning to develop an antenna for WPC and a module for mobile phone charger, which are used for wireless charging of mobile phone batteries.
Normal Type
ide Use Size, 0.2T ~ 0.26t
Insert Type
Wide Use Size, 0.2T ~ 0.26t
Pocket Type
Wide Use Size, 0.2T ~ 0.26t
  • Features
  • Advance Shielding Materials
  • High Efficiency / Ultra Thin
  • NFC / MST Combo
  • User & Model
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S Series
  • LG Optimus G Pro Series
  • WPC(Wirelee Power Consortium) :
    an international organization that sets the standard for wireless charging

MST Antenna

In addition to our main business NFC antennas for mobile phones, we are also in preparation of the MST antenna sector.

WPC RX Antenna
Wide Use Size, 0.32T
WPC RX + Module
Wide Use Size, 0.32T
Out Put 5.0V 1.1A
  • Features
  • Advance Shielding Materials
  • Normal Type
    • Common Cost  • Performance
  • Insert Type
    • Low Cost  • Middle Class Performance  • Full Metal Applicable
  • Pocket Type
    • High Cost  • High Performance  • Full Metal Applicable
  • User & Model
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy 2016~2017 A
  • Application
  • Handset – Rear Cover Case
  • Handset – Back Cover Case